Dish Wand Liquid Detergent Sponges-Price 1100+200 Delivery Charges

3,000 1,300

200 Delivery Charges

Cleaning dish wand is slim in design so that it can get to hard to reach places giving your dishes a thorough clean & Keep safe your hand from cleaning soup. In this cleaning device with a pump on the handle so that you can control how much detergent is dispensed. The heavy duty scourer head can be switched with a sponge or brush head to clean a different variety of household items. Dispose of used cleaning head and replace with a fresh one for next cleaning task. Suitable heads enable customization for each cleaning need. (choice of No-Scratch, Heavy Duty, or Regular Sponge refills). Soap Dispensing pump lets you control amount of soap dispensed. Keep your hands out of the mess! Heavy duty scrubbing surface. Control the soap with dispensing pump. Refill heads available in heavy duty Scrubber, Non-Scratch Scrubber, and Cellulose Sponge. High quality material . Easy to use easy to clean food pot pan and other kitchen accessories.


Sturdy PVC handle with contoured grip designed to hold any dish soap
Cap-free design eliminates leaks
Dish sponge & soap dispenser
Shaped to fit corners
Non-scratch cellulose sponge with integrated polypropylene scraper
The detergent can easily be replenished through the screw cap opening at the end of the handle.
The handle has a pump action so that you can control the amount of detergent expelled.


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